Our ONLINE REGISTRATION is the quickest and easiest way for you to enter. You create an account at DanceBUG. You first create a roster of all students and then enter your routines. All schedules and routine numbers will be posted for teachers to view on this account. Students can be added, deleted or modified by the studio at anytime up until the cutoff date. You can send us a check in the mail or can pay online with a single credit card.  However, registration will not be considered complete until payment is received.

If you choose not to register your entries online, you MUST submit a clearly printed or typed student roster form with all information completed. Student roster forms may be downloaded from our website or you can call our office to have an official entry form mailed or faxed to you. Please return the registration forms with full payment -- either a single studio check, or a completed credit card authorization form. Please submit one entry form per routine. If submitting a hard copy, all entries should be mailed together, with a typed Master List, in one large envelope and postmarked by the deadline date. All entries must be accompanied with payment in full by a single studio check payable to Wild About Dance Competition. Returned checks will be charged a $40.00 fee, and only cashier’s checks or money orders will be accepted from that studio in the future. Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. There are no refunds for entry fees.

~ Gift certificates are issued only in cases of documented injury or illness. These will be issued directly to the studio. Studios must provide a Master List of all performers, which shall include the name of each student, date of birth, Competition Level (Rec., Intermediate or Advanced) and a parent’s signature for each student. The parent’s signature constitutes a waiver of liability for Wild About Dance Competition. A completed form can be downloaded from the teacher’s site after the student roster has been created.   For mailed entries, a copy of the Master List should be attached to each entry form with the names of the students highlighted that are performing in that routine. Please make sure that the entry form, when submitted, is complete.

LATE ENTRIES Late entries will be accepted up to one (1) week prior to the competition on a space-available basis. Any late entries received less than 3 weeks prior to the competition will be charged a late fee of 10% of the entry fees. Payment for all entries mailed after the Deadline Date (see schedule for deadline date of each competition) must be submitted with a CASHIER’S CHECK / MONEY ORDER or CREDIT CARD and sent by OVERNIGHT EXPRESS MAIL.

Solo 3:00 Minutes
Duo/Trio 3:00 Minutes
Small Group 3:00 Minutes
Large Group 5:00 Minutes
Production 6:00 Minutes
The length of entries may be extended with prior approval of a Wild About Dance Competition director.  An additional charge of $2.00 per dancer for each routine that exceeds the time limit will be charged.


Solo  Duo/Trio  Small Group ~ 4 – 9 performers
Large Group ~ 10 – 19 performers
Line ~ 20+ Performers


Mini - 3-4
Tiny – 5 - 6
Petite – 7- 9
Junior - 10 – 12
Teen - 13 – 15
Senior - 16 – 19

Teachers Anyone over 18 years old who is receiving monetary compensation for his/her services to the studio (* All ages are determined as of January 1st of the competing year).
Ages of entries other than solos must be averaged. Full names, ages, and birth dates of all performers must be attached to the entry form.

General Information:

RECREATIONAL - This level consists of dancers who take less than 3 hours of dance classes per week.
INTERMEDIATE -This level consists of dancers who take less than 5 hours of dance classes per week.
ADVANCED -This level consists of dancers who take more than 5 hours of dance classes per week.
**It’s up to the judgment of the studio director to choose with integrity and honesty which competition levels for their dancers should be registered in. The divisions should not be used to keep your dances from competing against one another; levels should be selected based on the true qualifications of each dancer. Judges will deduct points for violation of this policy.

Wild About Dance Competition, LLC reserves the right to refuse any independent entries.

* Acro ~ Routine containing gymnastic passes, flexibility   moves, and/or contortionist moves. Must contain dance moves and choreography as well.
* Ballet~ Routine must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movements, performed in soft  shoes. No Acro passes permitted.
* Character~ Routine must be 50% characterization, i.e., a clown, puppet, etc. and 50% dance.
* Cheer~ Consisting of Cheerleading, Pom Pom, Drill Team and Kick Line.
* Clogging~ Routine using clogging technique and style.
* Contemporary~ Same criteria as lyrical but set to more contemporary music. No Acro passes permitted.
* Hip-Hop Routine ~ using primarily hip hop technique and moves.
* Jazz~ Routine using primarily jazz technique. No Acro passes permitted.
* Lyrical~ Routine must emphasize control utilizing the lyrics and mood of the music. No Acro passes permitted.
* Modern Interpretive~ Dance patterned after Graham technique. No Acro passes permitted.
* Musical Theatre~ Designed primarily for musical comedy and Broadway dancing--mime, lip sync singing is allowed.
* Pointe~ Same criteria as ballet. Must be performed in Pointe shoes. No Acro passes permitted.
*Song & Dance~ Routine must consist of both singing and dancing in any category. No vocal is permitted on tape.
* Tap~ Routine utilizing tap technique. No Acro passes permitted.
* Vocal Singing~ Vocal only No vocal permitted on tape.
* Open~ Encompasses any form of dance not already listed.  Student Choreographer-~ any dance choreographed by a student only with no assistance from a teacher/choreographer.

*Wild About Inclusion ~ For Special Needs Dancers~ Designed primarily for those dancers that are differently abled.

*All routines with more than two acro passes must be entered in acro or open categories. No acro passes are permitted in ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, modern, pointe, or tap categories. *Acro Pass – an Acro pass is defined as a combination of two or more acro tricks. One single cartwheel or one single handspring, etc. constitutes a trick not a pass.


Studio directors must submit their music electronically via our online music upload system.

The following formats will be accepted: MP3 or  M4A. Music may only be uploaded after your registration has been finalized for the event you are competing in. Music must be uploaded no less than 72 hours prior to the start of your event. Music upload is mandatory. Please be sure to upload the correct version of your music as pitch and speed cannot be adjusted at the event. Please bring a back up copy of your music to your event in the form of i-Pod, i-Pad or USB. * If the music stops for any reason, the dancers will be given the opportunity to re-perform without penalty.

* Please remember that Wild About Dance Competition is a family oriented event. All music, costumes, and performances should be age appropriate. Choreography and lyrics, which are suggestive or violent, are not acceptable and may result in disqualification.  Any illegal activity will result in removal from the competition of all parties involved!!

Adjudication Scale:

Diamond - 97 - 100
High Platinum: 93 - 96.99
Platinum: 88 - 92.99
High Gold: 84 - 87.99
Gold: 80 - 83.99

Judges Scoring Guidelines:

Every performance will be critiqued according to the dancer’s competition level, age and category by a panel of three experienced judges.   Judges will take into consideration the level a dance is placed versus the level of difficulty in each routine. Deductions will be applied to obviously under-placed routines. Each judge will use the above point scale and will consider Technique, Difficulty, Execution, Choreography, Showmanship, and Overall Effect.  Decisions of the judges are final.  Each judge will give an individual critique for every entry.  Critiques and scores will be given to studio directors at the end of the competition. Each entry will receive either a Diamond, High Platinum, Platinum, High Gold, Gold. Award Score calculations will be the average of the total number of judges' scores. All Judges Scores are FINAL.


Each solo, duet/trio and group entry will receive a trophy and each dancer (excluding solo entries) will receive a pin. You must compete on the assigned day and time to be eligible for High Score Awards. All solos, duets, trios, small groups, large groups, lines, and productions are automatically eligible for High Score Awards.  High Score Awards will be given in each Competition Level. The levels never compete against each other.  High Score Awards are given in each age division: Mini 4 & Under, Tiny 5-6, Petite 7-9,  Junior 10-12, Teen 13-15 and Senior 16-19. Depending on the number of entries in a division, top three, top five, or top ten awards are given.

All Gift Certificates/Cash prizes will be awarded to the studio director. Gift Certificates will be given to the first place High Score Award winners in the Recreational, Intermediate and Advanced categories.

Cash awards/Gift Certificates/Scholarships will be given to the entries receiving the highest score for the entire competition in the following categories ~ solo, duo/trio, small group, large group, and production. Fierce Awards will be given for individual dancers or a group. Fierce Technique Award is presented to the teacher of the group with the highest technical score. Fierce Choreography Award is presented to the teacher of a group with the most creative and original choreography. Fierce Entertainment Award is given to the teacher of the group the judges feel is most entertaining.

TITLE SOLOS (Advanced Dancers Only)
Mini Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 4 & Under
Tiny Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 5-6
Petite Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 7-9
Junior Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance  10-12
Teen Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 13-15
Senior Miss/Mr. Wild About Dance 16-19

To be eligible for the title of Mr/Miss Wild About Dance Competitions, the dancer must be registered in title solo at the advanced level. As well as overalls. The winners will be selected unanimously by the judges. Selection criteria will be based on showmanship and overall presentation as well as technique. Winners will receive a crown, flowers, jacket and a medal .

*Please note: For Teen & Senior categories, CURRENTLY ENROLLED HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY.
*ATTENTION: Dancers Can Only Title Once in a Regional Season.


General Information:

Props are acceptable. However they must be set up in a suitable time limit. Any props taking more than 2 minutes to set up will result in a 1-point deduction for the performance. Absolutely no dangerous props may be used. No backdrops other than the Wild About Dance Competition backdrop may be used at any time. The floor must be in the same condition after each act. No special lightening request will be accepted. All acts must perform in full stage light. No strobe lights or fog machines may be used due to health concerns. Holding a number is at the discretion of the Director of the competition.   Any acts failing to follow these guidelines will receive a one point deduction for each infraction.


The schedule MUST be followed unless a change is approved in advance by WADC. Failure to follow the order of the program schedule may result in the loss of participation in the awards ceremony and/or high score awards. Contestants must check in with the backstage manager prior to dancing. Dancers causing unjustifiable delays may be ineligible for high score awards. All contestants should be ready to perform 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time. If the competition is running ahead of schedule, they are expected to be ready earlier. Wild About Dance reserves the right to change the location or days of the competition.

Photography/Videography:  Video cameras are Not Allowed at Any Time. Flash photography may be used ONLY during the awards ceremony. THE STUDIO OWNERS are responsible for making sure that all parents and guests understand these restrictions. Contestants grant the directors of Wild About Dance Competition  their authorization to use any photographs or videos for advertising or placement on website purposes.

Refunds: There are no cash refunds. To obtain a credit in the case of illness or medical emergency, a letter from a doctor is required. A studio credit will be issued and can be used at a future Wild About Dance Competition.  Score Sheets, critiques will be emailed a few days following the competition. All performance music and head shots MUST be picked up at the judges' table. Wild About Dance Competition cannot guarantee any of these items will be available to be mailed back to the studio after the competition.  Payments received less than 30 days prior to the competition is subject to a 10% late entry fee.  Entries are accepted on a first come basis and are limited to the competition time availability. Please enter early to avoid being shut out of an event. There will be a $40 fee for all checks returned by the bank.

Checks: We gladly accept checks, however, please be mindful when sending the check to us that we receive it in time to be cleared by the bank. We would appreciate receiving the check at least two weeks prior to the competition. Thank you.